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Supercopier 3 > Supercopier 4, then back to Supercopier 3

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Supercopier 3 > Supercopier 4, then back to Supercopier 3

Postby minos » Fri Aug 16, 2013 8:51 am

Today I've upgraded my old installation of supercopier 3.
But supercopier 4 can't copy to a network target as v3.

+ why advertising in v4 ?

My result is "back to Supercopier V3"

Sorry to be disagree with new version, but it's not working with network + advertising in the main window gives me some troubles.

This is not a troll, just my point of vue.
Thx for your given time...
supercopier 4 advertising
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Re: Supercopier 3 > Supercopier 4, then back to Supercopier

Postby alpha_one_x86 » Sat Aug 17, 2013 4:26 pm

It should copy it, if not I need a bug repport (with the debug version: http://files.first-world.info/ultracopi ... .0.1.7.zip). Here all work pectly, with ctrl-c, ctrl-v on network share and network drive.
Yes, very small AD because the version 4 is professionnal software, that's mean professionnal code and support. And have lot of work on it. But all remaing free, open source, and le price is very cheap.
In version 3, lot lot control is missing, have bug, and no support for this version.
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