UltraCopier network copy/move progress

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UltraCopier network copy/move progress

Post by aimhere » Mon Dec 08, 2014 8:38 pm

When using UltraCopier to copy/move files to a Synology NAS server over my local network (gigabit LAN), I find that the operation progress as shown for the individual files often does not reflect the ACTUAL level of progress, nor does the copy speed indicator accurately show the actual file transfer speed.

With UltraCopier "limit copy speed" set to "Unlimited", I will see the current file appear to copy at an extremely fast speed (well over 100 MB/s) for a portion of the file, before appearing to slow down to a more sedate 20 MB/s or so. Then, when the file progress bar reaches 100%, the copy speed drops to zero and the overall operation appears to pause for a long time, before it moves on to the next file.

I have another program open while this is happening, to monitor and graph my actual network file transfer speeds, and that tool shows the entire transfer happening at the ~20MB/s speeds, NOT the >100MB/s initially reported by UltraCopier above. Further, it shows the transfer continuing AFTER UltraCopier reports the file has reached 100%, at the point where Ultracopier has appeared to hang, as though the transfer needs time to "catch up". Then the network activity drops to zero briefly as UltraCopier finally moves on to the next file.

It appears as though something is buffering the file transfer in the background, causing Ultracopier to misreport the transfer speed and file progress. But in the copy engine settings, "Use OS buffer" is NOT enabled, and all other Performance options are at their defaults. So I don't know why this buffering is happening. I don't see it when using Windows Explorer's normal copy/move handlers instead of UltraCopier (if I copy a single large file, Windows always reports the true file progress, and when it reaches 100% the transfer is completely finished and the network activity drops to zero).

Unfortunately, the UltraCopier problem seems to be intermittent and unpredictable. Some copy/move operations across the network appear to proceed as expected, with the true speed reported throughout and no noticeable pause when the file reaches 100%. So trying to figure out what's happening isn't easy.

Using UltraCopier on Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit.

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Re: UltraCopier network copy/move progress

Post by alpha_one_x86 » Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:32 pm

Unfortunately windows + NAS create this. The generic ways to acces to the file have this problem.
I have no ways to fix this before the version 2.
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