ultracopier bug with copy

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ultracopier bug with copy

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Unusual problem with multi file copy - I have 2 x Win 10 PC's with Ultracopier installed and had same problem with previous versions. 1 PC works perfectly however on the other PC Ultracopier accepts the muli-file copy and starts however it never completes and stops with 3-8 files remaining. No error identified and I have left it for over an hour with no change.
If you cancel that session and copy and paste the files that didn't complete they copy ok and Ultracopier closes.

If I remove Ultracopier and revert back to normal Windows copy it works fine and copies all the files selected.

Any ideas?
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Re: ultracopier bug with copy

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Can you:
- Stop the old installed version
- Uninstall it
- reboot
- download http://files.first-world.info/ultracopier/2.X.X.X/ultracopier-debug-windows-x86-2.X.X.X.zip
- decompress and start this version
- Do your bug
- right click on systray icon (near the clock)
- save the debug repport
- send me it (ultracopier@first-world.info)
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