Auto update for UC (Windows 8.1/10)?

Here you have suggestion for Supercopier and Ultracopier
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Auto update for UC (Windows 8.1/10)?

Post by Bobbele1984 » Wed Jun 03, 2020 5:41 pm

Hi there and a huge thanks for the work you've done so far. I really appreciate it! :D
But there's one litte tiny thing that's going on my mind:
I wonder if it's possible to implement an automatic update function that works like following:
  • Upcoming version creates a service like ucpatcher.exe that runs with elevated rights to avoid UAC
  • ucpatcher.exe runs persistent in the user context of SYSTEM or Trusted Installer or something like that(elevated rights), maybe automatic - delayed to make sure you're already connected

    Code: Select all

    public class ucpatcher{
    	//define and init vars
    	private const $url string '';
    	private const $default_uc_local string = '%programfiles%/Ultracopier';
    	public const $scan_interval long = 604800; //7*24*60*60 = 604.800 seconds aka 1 week should be sufficient
    	public const $ping_threshold int = 200;
    	private const $ping_value int = 0;
    	private const $local_file string null;
    	private const $remote_file string null;
    	public const $race_condition boolean = true;
    	private const $local_version string = 'w.x.y.z'; //currently installed version should be hardcoded right here
    	//do the dirty work
    	while($race_condition)// an infinite loop should do the trick, doesn't it?
    			// Try to get a ping to the download server
    			public int get_ping_remote(ping $url){
    				return $ping_value;
    			if ($ping_value >= $ping_threshold)
    				message: 'Connection error';
    				//Check file integrity
    				if crc32($local_file == $remote_file) //You can take other hash methods as well if you like
    					message: 'Congratulations, you've got the latest version';
    					return null;
    					message: 'New version available: %1';
    					// patch the whole content of $default_uc_local, maybe the core functions of the copy engine of UC can be used for that
    					// progress bar like VLC would be awesome but is not necessary
    			sleep $scan_interval; //wait for the preconfigure time (in seconds), then do it again
    Please regard my proposal only as some kind of pseudo code due to my lacking coding experience :oops:


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Post by DaFak » Fri Jan 08, 2021 8:03 pm

Why is only the source available for Linux, but for Windows & Mac both have executables.

So, can we please get a prebuilt UltraCopier for Ubuntu, because not everyone -- and I am including myself in that -- knows how to build from source

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