Context Menu Copy/Move Speed Options

Here you have suggestion for Supercopier and Ultracopier
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Context Menu Copy/Move Speed Options

Post by wirerogue »


When adding content to my Plex server, it would be very helpful if the context menu could provide a dynamic speed setting. Maybe just able to choose from a few different user defined speeds.

This way, when nobody is on the server, I can copy full speed. When server is in use, I can just trickle it in as not interrupt any of the streams.

I currently just set the speed in the options.

Just a suggestion.

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Re: Context Menu Copy/Move Speed Options

Post by alpha_one_x86 »


I will reponds no for this reason:
  • If I start accept, everybody will request this option and this will be full of useless options
  • I was very difficult to create this plugin because it's in win32, I don't think I have the level to do this
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