Set default "Always perform this action" = YES (enabled)

Here you have suggestion for Supercopier and Ultracopier
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Set default "Always perform this action" = YES (enabled)

Post by pstein »

When I copy/move a (sub) dir tree to another location where such similar sub dir already exists ( older version of the same software)
then I am prompted by UltraCopier if I want to merge existing folders or overwrite existing files.

The checkbox left of it is always disabled/unchecked.

Since I want to enable it in 99% of the cases I would appreciate if I could set YES (=enabled) as default somehwere in UltraCopier options.

Currently I always have to manually enable it.

This is annoying and user unfriendly.

Could you add an option the switch the default to YES?

Furthermore it would be fine if the prompts "Merge" (for folders) and "Overwrite" (for files) could be grouped/joined

Ultracopier should users ask only once for folders AND files

Can you this option in next release as well?

Thank you
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Re: Set default "Always perform this action" = YES (enabled)

Post by alpha_one_x86 »

I suggest more by default YES, better than do checkbox to choice the default choice.

All the community is according?

Merge the window to overwrite folder and file is not possible because the action for each is different.
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