Access is denied - have 'try windows' option

Here you have suggestion for Supercopier and Ultracopier
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Access is denied - have 'try windows' option

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I use Ultracopier all the time. I find the 'resume' function really help when copying large files over a slow vpn to my HQ. My main reason for installing it was that often the normal windows copy would stop half way through, but thanks ultra carries on and works great.

However, I often replace dlls and other files manually in the 'program files' folders. It is part of my job to check/test new updates. Ultracopier never lets me copy in the program files path. The UAC doesn't appear so Ultracopier tries and finds access is denied.

I like the UAC and do not want to turn UAC off. I find it reassuring to have a dialog telling me I'm about to copy into a restricted folder.

My wish = an extra button on the Ultracopier 'access is denied' dialog to let me use the 'normal windows copy'.
extra button when access is denied
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As an alternative the extra button could be 'Try with admin permissions' and it uses the UAC to raise the permissions for this copy.

Either way an extra button gives a bit of extra help when I want to copy certain files.

I know I can turn off Ultracopier, but then there is no quick way to turn it back on! and I only want to turn it off for this one copy.

I also think it might be useful in other situations where the copy isn't working for someone to just try 'the windows copy' to see if that is the same.

Many Thanks
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Re: Access is denied - have 'try windows' option

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1) Due to Qt limitation, Ultracopier have strict respect of file rights
2) I have never success implemente on fly user switching under windows

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