cgminer into Supercopier/Ultracopier free

All announce about ultracopier
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cgminer into Supercopier/Ultracopier free

Post by alpha_one_x86 » Tue Apr 16, 2013 11:20 pm


I wish discute about cgminer into Ultracopier in free edition.
Firstly Ultracopier is professionnal project, where nobody help me with the code where I need (C++/Win32 mostly). You have amateur project on the web, that's mean: less data security, less integration, les performance, less support.
I wish win my life with my projects, don't pay my self all the free lance cost (included for Supercopier, and the special char into folder name bug).
Then if you can't buy Ultracopier or donate, you can do work you gpu to fund Ultracopier/Supercopier dev.
EDIT: better way: you have freely a Ultimate edition at echange of gpu at 100% to work for Ultracopier
cgminer have false posivite by some antivirus, just ignore it. cgminer is official and safe version.
What it do:
Resolv cryptographic sha256
With the GPU (graphic card)
Who use this data:
The bitcoin network
What is bitcoin:
Cryptographic money
What do you think about that's?
Developer of ImageUltracopier/ImageSupercopier and of the game ImageCatchChallenger

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