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Changelog for Ultracopier/Supercopier 1.2

Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2015 12:59 pm
by alpha_one_x86
  • Only the most important change is listed here: Optimization learned in the project CatchChallenger (Old school Opensource MMORPG/Single player), switch to Qt 5.4 for all platform, new remaining time algorithm (and choice). Better Windows Server and Linux support.
  • Fix the crash
  • Disable space dectection on \\host\drive (Qt bug), fix ultimate version, more ultimate version and drop old cpu, now Supercopier and Ultracopier have same version number
  • Fix the crash for logarithmic time remaining, fix the mac version, minor bug fixes, packaging improvement, url fixed
  • Fix default error folder choice value, defaulting error to put at the end, fix crash division by zero in remaining time
  • Improve the performance of transfer log and try hardened it
  • Qt 5.5 (should fix space detection), debug version simplified and fixed (include mingw + gdb now), fix into time calculation
  • Fix when bug in drive detection
  • Try improve the drive detection (and better debug it, exclude free space detection for floppy under windows), try fix inode thread (Failed), try fix the copy/move of .lnk under windows
  • Revert:
    try fix inode thread
    of because do new bug
  • Fix url for update (CC), more easy compilation for non Windows OS, just compile (no plugin support) for better integration under Linux
  • Fix and improve the tar format support (-H ustar and -H posix) to allow better compression (CC), switch to c++11 and full clang/llvm -stdlib=libc++ for Mac (CC), try drop the UAC dialog (thanks M├ędinoc)
  • Fix context menu text
  • Improvement on interception plugin and debug it, bug fix for internet updater (CC)
  • Fix infinity loop when al the file is in error and cancel clicked, fixed transfer list into CLI
  • Fix the shop link
  • Fix the link (.lnk under windows), with checksum enabled
  • Clean source, add start minimized, fix for Qt 5.6+ under Linux, lot of mixed other fixes, update docs
* CC = Extracted from CatchChallenger

Re: Changelog for Ultracopier/Supercopier 1.2

Posted: Wed May 06, 2015 3:15 pm
by alpha_one_x86
Update ;)