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PEBKAC English Ultracopier

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:52 pm
by alpha_one_x86
Here, all the PEBKAC in English of Ultracopier

Re: PEBKAC English Ultracopier

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:57 pm
by alpha_one_x86
User: I Just purchased 2 copies of this program, installed it, and get the message that it is already running and that I should right click on the icon next to my clock. There is no icon on the task bar and I cannot run the program. I reinstalled to no avail. I need help or I will return the copies for a refund.
Me: No problem for refund if it's Ultracopier bug, I need a screenshot, and see the bug.
User: The software did not perform as expected and I am requesting a refund for the 2 copies. I have already deleted the copy from my computer.
User: I have attached the error message. Please refund for 2 copies. Thank You
... here I ask it view all the notification icon, and send me a screenshot...
I sent you the screen shot of the problem. I have spent far too much time with this simple issue. It would be in your companies best interest to issue a prompt refund as requested, for I immediately uninstalled the program and notified you of same. If I escalate this to the internet, it will not be beneficial.
I have attached another screenshot, please I need see the content of "View all Notification Area icons"
Me too I have spent time for you. I have a procedure, just follow it please.
You can understand my point of view:
- You don't have respect the sell condition (the point to test the free version before buy the ultimate version)
- To respect the user, no DRM, backdoor, trojan to be sure you have really uninstalled the version
- Ultracopier is oriented user, and you seam clearly be un-experienced user (you don't known the correct terms and you don't known your OS)
Little do you know! If I can buy your integrity for 25.00 then that is all it is worth. Your company is too low level to do what is right for the customer, then so be it. Keep the money, for it will cost you 1000 times that much in bad will and lost revenue, for I bought you guys pretty cheap! Watch the internet for my reviews!

Re: PEBKAC English Ultracopier

Posted: Fri Jan 24, 2020 11:25 am
by alpha_one_x86
User: What is the difference between move and transfer?
Me: Transfer allow mix copy and move into a same window.
User: Appreciated. My we ask what does it mean mix copy and into the same window?
Me: Mean you can add copy and move into same window. But don't take care if you not understand. Just use Copy or move menu.
User: It is a very arrogant answer.

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