Total Commander Integration

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Total Commander Integration

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I've been using Fastcopy for many years but this week I have been testing the newest versions other third party copy replacements for windows. I also like Teracopy but I have to admit the very latest version of Fastcopy seems to give better performance. Ultracopier was mentionend in an article about 5 very good copy replacements for windows. I have never used Ultracopier before so I'm very interested to give it a go. I'm still using windows 7 but I don't that will make any difference concerning my question. Ultracopier works fine by the way with my normal windows system. But I have never been a fan of windows copy. I have always used File Managers even back in the days of DOS with Norton Commander; ah nostalgia :)

My puzzle is to get the correct Copy / Move parameters for Ultracopier with total commander. I"m using Total Commander version 9.0.

I found your article, but its seems these copy parameters aren't working with your newest version.
I tried using the parameters - copy *"%UL" "%T" - which gives a warning window showing options.
And - cp *"%UL" "%T" - has no reaction except that the ultracopier window opens and then closes almost instantaneously.
Are there working parameters for the newest version of ultracopier that work with Total Commander?
What is great with Teracopy is that it has a one click option to add the buttons and settings for you in Total Commander. With Fastcopy you still have to add the buttons and settings manually.

Thanks for reading and thanks for any further help anyone might have.
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Re: Total Commander Integration

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Thanks for your article. This is very informative)
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Re: Total Commander Integration

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Ultracopier should work via cli. If not, can you check the command executed?
What is?

The version debug will help in this case to generate debug report (do the bug, right click on systray, save debug report):
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Re: Total Commander Integration

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Ultracopier should work via cli.
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