Max File Path/Name Length

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Max File Path/Name Length

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Sorry Posted this on the Supercopier boards in error :oops:

Is there a maximum file path and name imposed by Ultracopier? I've had a few errors thrown from files name like :-

"U:/Daves Envy/Photo Library Copy/Photo Library/00 Lightroom Prints/C&PRR/2018-05 to 06 - Horsenden Crossing Project - May-June 2018/2018-05-03 - Horsenden X Early Deliveries/2018-05-03 - C&PRR Horseden Crossing - Early Deliveries - 01 - Off Loading First Drop of 56 Sleepers.jpg"

Works fine in Windows (copy/paste/drag etc) but get an error message reported by Ultacopier when coping files from disk to disk. " The System cannot find the path specified (3).

Full path name is 241 characters.

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Re: Max File Path/Name Length

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No problem here.
No limitation into the code.
Manual copy have problem?
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