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Error moving directory

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 5:58 pm
by tael

Im trying to move some directory from my hard drive to some USB disk using Win/<FileExlorer.

1. open source folder (HD)
2. open destinaton folder (USB disk) usin other Win/File Explorer window
3. select directory, right click, drag ando drop to destinarion
4. select "move with advanced software"
AnotaciĆ³n 2019-12-16 130327.png
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5. got error: the system cannot find the path specified
AnotaciĆ³n 2019-12-16 125440.png
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However i can copy the directory to same destination without errors. BTW i have Ultracopier v2.2.0.1.

Thanks for your help.


Re: Error moving directory

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 6:44 pm
by alpha_one_x86

Try with last version, move fix is into the last version.