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Niobium Products manufacturers

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brandNB1originbaojiNiobium content鈮?/span>99.95锛?锛?/span>
content 0.05锛?锛?/span>weight1锛坘g/
Whether the customyes

Niobium and its alloy products:
Brand: R04200, R04210, Nb1, nb-ti
Origin: baoji niobium content 鈮?: 99.95 (%)
Impurity content: 0.0001 (%)
Purity: 99.95% 99.99%
Standard: ASTM b 393-05
Applications: microelectronics, silicon wafer manufacturing, flat display, storage technology.
Process: hot rolling, cold rolling, alkali washing and shearing.
Construction period: delivery within 20 days after customization
Manufacturing process: magnetron sputtering principle
Payment method: 30% deposit, 70% payment before delivery
Packing method: packed in wooden case with plastic partition, with material certificate, packing list and other accessories, the weight of a single box is not more than 100kg

Main niobium products:
Article slab, niobium and niobium niobium and niobium wire, niobium and niobium foil, niobium rod, niobium and niobium ring, flange, niobium niobium tube, niobium and niobium screw bolt, niobium and niobium nut, niobium niobium gasket, capillary, niobium boat, flat niobium boat, abnormity, niobium niobium boat, niobium and niobium crucible crucible standard, niobium special-shaped parts, niobium target, target, niobium niobium plane rotation target, niobium and niobium funnel components, accessories, medical niobium niobium wire, niobium rods, niobium skeleton, vacuum furnace, niobium niobium products of sputtering target materials, niobium and niobium tungsten alloy billet, niobium and niobium and niobium and niobium, hood, niobium and niobium, niobium alloy ingot, niobium alloy products, niobium, niobium alloy mechanical parts processing.
Special recommendation: the company has many years of experience in the production of coated target materials, in addition to the above high purity target materials, can also produce and develop tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, chromium, zirconium, titanium, hafnium, nickel and other metal targets.
The company's products are all over the world, the international market including: the United States, Japan, Germany, Australia, Canada, southeast Asia and other regions, product quality by the unanimous praise, establish a lot of long-term cooperative relations.
Warmly welcome the vast number of customers at home and abroad to consult the company's products, to the factory field inspection, visit guidance, believe that we will provide you with quality products, satisfactory service, our cooperation will be very happy!
We can process according to customer's specification, size and drawing.Niobium Products manufacturers

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