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Changelog for Ultracopier 1.0.X.X/Supercopier 4.0.X.X

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 8:50 pm
by alpha_one_x86
Ultracopier have same core as Supercopier
Ultracopier have same core as Supercopier
  • Fix date manipulation, fix rename original destination when collision, fix english string for translation
  • Fix move on other volume, fix hang when unable to do the mkpath to the destination
  • More fix, do gpu time donation
  • Drop GPU utilisation for now
  • Silent set date error to prevent error on virtual of windows, better user name resolution (now copy should work with user name with é)
  • Fix crash, and other little improvements
  • Fix export move list and ignore date set failed
  • Minor fix and improvement, improve the translation too
  • Improve the stability and translation into static version
  • Improve the space detection, error dialog always on top, static linux version, fixed mac version
  • Improve packaging, bug fix, fix plugin date, add portable version to ultimate
  • More features/stability
  • Packaging fix (catchopy, languages)
  • Fix NAS access mostly for set/get time
  • Update for the text and translation (hu translation mostly), fix the supercopier versions
  • Fix with "rename the original destination" and copy into the same folder. Fix the unistall when no have OpenCL for cgminer version.
  • Do a workaround to detect drive under windows due to lack of mingw WMI, fix skip on error when caused by resize
  • Fix crash when interface have not options, fix Windows skin progression, fix into french translation, fix the selection, improve the remaining time, try prevent swap by detecting memory, add backtrade if launch lauch.bat under windows for crash
  • Greate bug search and fix, performance of cpu in transfer improvement, improve the text and the update
  • Minor improvement, update lib and compilation env
  • Fix copy engine options into current main windows, fix Ultracopier interface title
  • Improve the installer, fix facility engine (double memory and risked loading), fix "always on top checkbox", improve some text/translation, Always try write the data file: have error if change date is check (no more quiet error)
  • Fix date set, greatly improve the performance around string manipulation (include options, loading time, ...), icons, image, fix mail sending
  • Minor bug fix, try add more debug info, try solve more Windows problem, default inode thread to 16 to improve the performance
  • Don't drop the settings at unistall, improvement for update, fix the free space bug, fix crash at startup into the static version, performance improvement, inode thread -> 1