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1.2 update and unfair customer

Posted: Tue May 05, 2015 10:41 am
by alpha_one_x86
Hello, following this mails, I don't quote who is the sender:
Your Customer Service is a joke. I have de-installed Ultracopier and installed a superior free copier.
I will not deal with a bunch of greedy inefficient software suppliers. Mt last purchase was less than 6 months ago and you deleted my acount.
I hope more people realize that you are not worth the bother. I will certainly put the word about.
Multiple similar complaint was issued on my email. It's why I do it public this part.

1.2 was a mess, I had not planned release it, but problem force me to publish it or leave all client without access on their buy (unable to download from the shop).
The software is fully open source, and the free and bought version are same. The buy is to support the developing.
This work cost more than 100.000$ to dev, and it's open source and the free version is full. The MMORPG CatchChallenger cost more than 1.200.000$, have multiple new technologies and innovation offered to the world without any copyright. Same, open source. It's years of work, and be the best to do that's quantity and quality.
Mt last purchase was less than 6 months ago
It's why fonctioning buy software key will prevent this. The version and update will always be accessible.
you deleted my acount
I don't have found how transfer the account, and the account without order is useless. The order can't be transferred due to change downloading file -> key generator.

I give new key for some problematic (or unhappy) user or who have bought < 3 months. But take time, I can't lost my job just to do that's. The problem it's due to update notification, all user ask me at the same time, include order from 2012.
I publish this for all customer and user: Sorry for what's happen. I will take more care I try resolve the problem, be just, found and fix some crash into the new version (all on my free time) and don't lost my jobs.

On remain problem I have with huge priority:
  • Mac software is reported as don't work (work here on Mac 10.9).
  • Crash repported on Windows, but it's not clear how and when happen, I need test case (all work here)