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Changelog for Ultracopier/Supercopier 2.0

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 2:15 am
by alpha_one_x86
  • First pre-alpha, specifique code, sync/async code
  • New interface:
    • new dark style
    • normal style is keep but option not coded
    • visualization for folder/file overall size of concentric circle
    • chart of lasts speed
    • speed by file size
    cleaner transfer thread, simpler copy code
  • Audio with opus codec support, play sound when copy/move finish, demo mode, over effect for dark button
  • Fix for Windows crash, improvement for android, fix for little version, fix for icon, fix for interface
  • Fix and improvement for audio, improvement for android, fix for large files
  • Change the path string to OS format (wide string under Windows to manage the corrupted path), lot of bug fix, now is RC, the core is mostly stable.
  • Fix for interface and french translation
  • Fix wide char conversion, fix cancel on error, improve compilation time on version change, Windows 32Bits: CopyFileExW + progressroutine crash
  • Fix progression routine on Windows 32Bits, add option for dark or normal UI, updated version of MXE with gcc 7, platform to compile migrated to my personal desktop, switch to Qt 5.13
  • Release version, fix compilation and last fix
  • Fix
  • Fix MAX path and collision with special char
  • Fix for NAS, fix Universal Naming Convention (UNC), fix the version little (then fix for android)
  • Fix for move, Fix partial destination destruction only if not same file, Fix create folder, Fix when need folder before start file copy/move, better error on Windows
  • Fix async for read (should improve the performance), fix file size detection on Windows
  • Fix sound checkbox, Fix problem with rename
  • Fix lot of warning, more info under windows, fix under windows when copy to root of drive
  • Fix for move, Fix for Windows, performance improvement for new interface, more native Windows functions, more copy speed, merge supercopier and ultracopier binary, ask at startup the theme to use
  • Fix no resized destination when exists on no Windows, try fix folder time when transfer with keep date
  • Better file size detection when copy single file with special char, when cancel only remove destination if have started to be copied
  • Try fix blocked in preoperation, fix german translation thanks to an user
  • Try fix blocked in preoperation updateing gcc and Qt, fix overwrite when same file
  • Fix double / is case of try overwrite same folder for windows
  • Fix rename
  • Disable by default buffer to use only the internal, fix copy blocked at 100% on big file (mostly on NAS)
  • Better error string when folder is not readable, try fix Windows permission set on NAS crash